Tena koutou tena koutou tena koutou katoa

Welcome to the Ngati Apakura Website

This site was created to enable descendants of Ngati Apakura, to gather together, to learn our history, provide information, discuss current issues affecting us, and form policies to take us into the future.

There are currently a number of Ngati Apakura descendants bringing claims before the Waitangi Tribunal. The evidence that they and other researches have provided is substantial and gives an overview of Ngati Apakura from their inception to the current day as well as many personal stories.

During the course of the Waitangi Tribunal Hearings, the Ngati Apakura claimants realised the need to stand together and take action to gather our whanau and unite our iwi which has been largely scattered through the actions of the crown and their agents. With this in mind the Apakura Runanga Trust Board was formed to enable us to organise ourselves.


Contact us :
Apakura Runanga Trust Board – Administration
P.O.Box 117, Whangamata 3643
Administration – Stephen Laing
Mobile 021 944 748

Kia kaha Ngati Apakura

8 Responses to Home

  1. cynthia kiri says:

    Kia Ora just want to congratulate you on this page


  2. Cheryl Valika Kiri says:

    About time


  3. moepatu says:

    kia ora steve for keeping our “ngati apakura waka” moving and for all the work you do behind the scenes. Jenny Charman and her whanau including Faye Onehi are also leading workers behind the scenes; hence, for the 150 or so people who attended this year’s commemoration at Rangiaohia; it was fabulous. We now have a 6 meter high Pou whakamaumahara (she)overlooking the land at Rangiaohia. She was unveiled with a blessing by Monsignor David Bennett of the Catholic Church. Her intricately carved patterns describe the history of our people, our unity with settlers and our adoption of Christianity; though never entirely forsaking our own beliefs. She looks mysterious and fabulous. congrats to the carvers; gary paki titi, Aaron karewa forbes and the carvers from Karaka and Ao marama units at Waikeria prison. Appropriate because at Rangiaohia on 21st feb 1864, 29 of our people, mostly women children and the elderly, were imprisoned for trying to protect themselves and their home.
    In future years I project, we won’t need panui to get us, including our friends, back to rangiaohia on 21st feb, we will just arrive because we know our history


  4. Alana Heu says:

    Kia ora kouto, ae I am a descendent of Ngati Apakura. My Grand Nanny’s father was Tu Heitia Haeata.


  5. Ropata George says:

    He waka eke noa, Kia kaha ra e te whanau


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