Apakura Runanga Trust Board

Since 2009 Ngati Apakura have been meeting to consider, how to go forward with their claims, after the conclusion, of the Waitangi Tribunal Hearings.

The following five formal consultation meetings took place.
26/11/09 – Te Wananga o Aotearoa, Te Awamutu
9/10/1/10 – Waipapa Marae, Kawhia
27/10/12 – Maniapoto Trust Board, Te Kuiti
24/11/12 – Kahotea Marae, Otorohonga
9/2/13 – Netball Pavillion, Papakura

At these hui there was strong support for the establishment, as soon as reasonably possible, of a Ngati Apakura Runanga Board, that would be an independent legal entity.

On the 9/7/14 the Trust Deed was signed establishing an entity “Apakura Runanga Trust Board” which was incorporated on the 1/8/14 as a Charitable Trust.

The Trustees of the Trust Board are.

Moepatu Borrell
Jenny Charman
Stephen Laing
Harry Midwood
George Griggs

Chairperson: Bill Harris
Secretary: Rubina Wheeler
Treasurer: Bruce Cron

The purpose of the trust is to promote the education, spiritual, cultural, health and social development of Apakura people.

Apakura Rūnanga Trust

  1. The Apakura Rūnanga Trust (ART) was established in 2014. The purpose of the Trust is to:
  2. Advance the socio-economic needs of Apakura;
  3. To promote Apakura history and culture;
  4. To assist with the preparation, presentation and settlement of claims before the Waitangi Tribunal;
  5. To promote the kaitiakitanga of Apakura within our rohe.
  6. ART advance these purposes in various ways including:
  7. Holding Rangiaowhia commemorations at Hairini Hall annually;
  8. Developing relationships with local government for the advancement of Apakura kaitiakitanga;
  9. Educating the public about the events of the war and raupatu;
  10. Advancing claims before the Waitangi Tribunal.
  11. Stephen Laing, Jenny Charman and Moepatu Borell are the current trustees. Trustees are elected every three years by beneficiaries. We welcome all whānau to enroll as a beneficiary and become involved with this kaupapa.
  12. A pressing issue face by all of Ngāti Apakura right now is the settlement of the outstanding Apakura claims. Stephen Laing, Jenny Charman (Te Ra Wright and Gordon Lennox: deceased) brought two Ngāti Apakura claims (Wai 1469 and Wai 2291) before the Te Rohe Pōtae Waitangi Tribunal (TRP) inquiry.
  13. Those claims now sit under the mantel of ART. They are supported by evidence from Ngāti Apakura whānui and the Ngāti Apakura Oral and Traditional Report authored by Dr Robert Joseph and Moepatu Borell. Those hearings took place around the rohe between 2010 and 2015.
  14. The Waitangi Tribunal has now reported on those claims in Te Mana Whatu Ahuru: Report on Te Rohe Pōtae Claims. Amongst its findings is that the Crown systematically targeted and waged war against Ngāti Apakura and that some of these war and raupatu crimes (those that sit outside of the Waikato-Tainui framework) have not been answered by the Crown (Te Mana Whatu Ahuru pages 21 and 601).
  15. Because of the war and raupatu, Ngāti Apakura do not fit neatly within the current Waikato-Tainui/Maniapoto mandating and settlement processes.
  16. There are significant Apakura marae, identities and claims that sit outside of the current Waikato-Tainui framework. Now the Crown wants to settle all Apakura claims without regard for these.
  17. ART have applied to the Waitangi Tribunal under urgency to have these claims recognised and recompensed; the urgency hearing is set for 4-7 June venue TBA.
  18. The position of ART is that the mana motuhake of Ngāti Apakura as an iwi in its own right is paramount. On that basis we seek a settlement for Ngāti Apakura as an iwi separate from, but parallel to, the Waikato-Tainui and Ngāti Maniapoto settlements that are currently progressing. Discussions with Ngāti Apakura whānau whānui about how Ngāti Apakura want to address the outstanding Ngāti Apakura claims are also taking place.
  19. If you would like to support our kaupapa please go to https://ngatiapakura1864.com/ and register with us and become involved. Please ask your whānau to do the same.


5 Responses to Apakura Runanga Trust Board

  1. CLARA H MURRAY says:

    My mums ngati apakura. Who what why were from here…


  2. moepatu says:

    the memorial for rangiaohia ngati apakura is this 21st feb 2019. begins 10am finishes 2pm. then we will have the apakura runanga trust board meeting. come along and see what you can find out relevant to you and your whanau. address, hairini hall, rangiaohia road.


  3. nvaatuitui says:

    Nga mihi kia koutou, my Grandmother was Miraka Wharekawa from Mangarama in Te Kuiti, she was born in Tanehopuwai in 1927. Her father was Tio Matehaere Wharekawa and our tupuna was Ngainu Te Ao Te Rangi Pairama.

    My name is Niaomi Vaatuitui, I am very interested in learning more about the histories and whakapapa of Ngati Apakura as my current knowledge has only come from recent research via internet, remembering old stories my Grandmother told me when I was a child and recent contact with extended whanau. Unfortunately, I live i Marlborough and am unable to attend the hui that are going on in the rohe. However, I would love to be updated and share in any korero that happens in these Hui. Are there any minutes or transcriptions available?


  4. Mandy hicks says:

    How do i claim ihuhaere rapata


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